A repurpose driven life


So one of my favorite thing to do is to repurpose items, especially antiques. So I thought I would show you a couple things I have repurposed. Maybe it will spark some interest to repurpose your own!

This was an antique window I bought a year ago just knowing I’d do something with it. But it sat in my garage for a year, gathering more dust. Til one day I thought I’d work on it. So I cleaned it up.


I wanted to keep the antique feel so I tried to keep the paint  intact. Though it was flaking off everywhere! I added my vinyl to the window.


And hung it over my bar.


Cute right?

Another item was the tin roof tiles I got off a barn at my husband’s family farm in West Texas. They were all rusted but I loved the design.20130205-125212.jpg

So I painted them.


My husband made a frame.


And I added some vinyl. Now it’s a perfect reminder for his dad of the family farm.


What have you repurposed? Ifyou have an idea and need some help repurposing you can contact me at Sweetberrydesign@yahoo.com!

Organization Nation


So I had an office with two desks and it was filled to the gills of an unorganized mess.  Seeing as how we have no kids yet and we have 2 living areas we decided that we would convert one of them into the craft room.  See between me and my crafty mister we have a ton of stuff.  So my super talented mister created this for me.


Isn’t it awesome with the desk and all the storage. I love all my wicker baskets and fun stuff.  But, seeing as how I am 5’2 seeing into those cute little baskets to see what is in there is a no go.  So I saw all these ideas for chalkboards on Pinterest and got an idea.

I used all this stuff and it cost me about $18 to do it all.


Since I bought the wood plates already cut for me it was way easier. So I used the Valspar spray chalkboard paint that I found at my local hardware store.  I took them all outside and sprayed two coats on both sides.

149 151

The I brought them in and with my handy-dandy chalkpen wrote out all the baskets that I have filled.


Then I hot glued them to the baskets.  They turned out so cute, I just love it! How would you use this in your organization?



Stick a Pin in me….


So most people know me as the jewelry girl. I’ve been making it for a few years now and just love it. So thought I would share one of little secrets with you all.
I love going antiquing and finding jewelry pendants and things in those cute little shops, but I tend to run into a LOT of pins in antiques and not a lot of pendants. Most people would put them away, not knowing what to do but I just refuse when I find something I like. So I wanted to let you all know how you can change your pin’s into a necklace. Its so simple your gonna thank me when you can finally wear that pin that you got from you grandma that you just love. So here it goes.

First you can take a chain you already have or buy some chain from the craft store. The *only stipulation is that you have to use a chain that the pin can fit through the loops. Here is what I used.

I found this cute little bow pin and wanted to do something really simple but totally blingy so I used a shiny silver chain that I doubled and put a clasp on the end.

Now here is the tricky part. See most people would just then run the pin through your chain and be done. Then you would be constantly fighting with it to stay straight and if you have a pin like this one it will constantly fall to one side or the other, and goodness what about when the pin accidentally opens and then everything just falls, this is where my trick comes in.

Now you know those clear plastic backs that you use for your fishhook earrings? You know, the ones you drop and then steal off another pair because once they hit the floor there is NO finding them…. well until you vacuum. They are the secret, now first off I must say, you should always have extras of these on hand due to the dropping them and all, but if you don’t, go spend two bucks at your local craft store or Amazon (like I did) and get a pack. If your pendant hangs horizontal then you will need two, if vertical then one. My pendant is horizontal so I placed a back on each side of the chain to hold it in place, perfectly in the middle, where even if it did open, nothing would go crashing to the floor. If you have a vertical pin then all you need is on the side of the pin opening in order to prevent said pin crashing. I tried to take a picture but its really hard to see those clear boogers, but here is a try.

It’s really that easy… Now you know my secret!

I also found the cute bows to go with it for earrings. Threw some fishooks on them and isn’t this a cute set?!?!

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Candy Time


So I got a new toy today! Something I have been wanting for Months! So I came home to a shiny new toy.

Its a Silhoutte Cameo and you can do just about anything your crafty brain desires with it.  It took some coercing, but I finally have it! So I took a look around my house and decided on something to cut my teeth on with the Silhouette. 

I bought this jar at Target a few months ago and filled it with my crafty mister’s favorite candies. 


It has since become his candy jar that I *try to keep stocked.  No comments about how it’s obviously empty right now.=) So I thought I would just make it a little cuter, plus I was itching to use my vinyl that I bought with the Silhouette.

So I went into the Silhouette Studio and made my design.  I might say how impressed I was how easy it was to use.  If you have used any picture editing in the Microsoft suite, even just in Word or Powerpoint, you should be able to use this.  So I came up with a little saying for the swanky candy jar.


Once I made it I put my Silhouette Vinyl in the cutter to cut out my image.


Then I took out the portions that you would typically keep when putting it on wall or other crafty items, but I was going to be etching the glass on my candy dish, so I needed to take out the part you would typically keep.  I will mention that thin swirly letters when doing this method, are not fun.  I had to restart after two tries of trying to get those babies out.  Also, the Cameo says to cut on a 1 and I had to use a 2, just some info for those of you that end up getting one of these babies. Anyways, here is what it looked like before and with the transfer paper attached.


Then I just took the transfer paper off, and attached to the glass.  I will say that when doing this the middle of the e’s and a’s can be a beating so just go really slow when removing the transfer paper. 


Now you just add the etching solution, I used Armor Etch. 


Let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse it off.  I also took of the vinyl while rinsing and you are done! I just love it! And I promised I’m headed to get candy for it right now!


I hope you liked my first crafty moment.  If you want one for yourself just visit my Facebook page and give me shout!



In the beginning….

There was my first blog.  My name is Jessie and I am a crafty DIY-er just looking to have some fun with some cool people that love what I love.  I do a little bit of it all from making jewelry, crafty pieces and baking and creating cakes.  I just want to share a bit of what I do with you all and am so excited to get started!


In the beginning…….